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For experienced appliance services, give us a call! We have been serving the San Jose, California, area for more than 40 years!

"Had another appliance issue, called Nick, BAM he was there in hours & since it was right before the Holidays you know how important it was, Refrigerator & contents saved & Christmas was a Happy thing once again!"—Michael P. (Los Altos, CA)

"Called Nick at 8am this morning, he said he would be here between 10am & 12noon, ask if I knew what be wrong with the Dryer he was coming to fix, I said not really, but my Wife thought it was a sensor like the time before (over 2 years ago).

BAM, he arrives with a smile at 11am, unscrews the machine in about 21/2 minutes & another BAM, it is the sensor & he has the replacement part ready to go. He took longer to write up the invoice than he took to fix it.

Bottom-line, he fixed it so fast that:

  1. No laundry backed up
  2. He knew what he was doing so he fixed fast & made it look easy (I guess it is the 20+ years of experience).
  3. No wasted time he was in and out in 30 minutes
  4. I recommend 100% Nick when it comes to fixing appliances

Nick was great. He is incredibly fast. I have an old, tired Bosch dishwasher. The thing died on a Friday morning. I dreaded going the weekend without a dishwasher. I called and a repairman was at our home within the hour. His rates were reasonable. Unfortunately, old trusty conked out again — on a holiday. But once again, Nick was out himself the next day by midmorning. He charged nothing for the second problem, which may, in fact, be due to a faulty electrical panel. I really like Nick and recommend him highly."—Faith H. (Los Gatos, CA)